Functionality differences:

1. Purpose:

SSIS is built to perform data integration, assist with database administration, and facilitate business intelligence whereas DTS was not built for these purposes.

2. Separation of duties:

SQL Server Integration Services separates workflow and data flow operations whereas DTS does not provide this separation

3. In DTS we were allowed to create only independent packages whereas in SSIS we can create multiple related packages

Design Differences:

1. In DTS, the designer consists of a single pane.

In SSIS, the designer is split into 5 design panes:

  •   Control Flow,
  •   Data Flow,
  •   Event Handlers
  •   Package Explorer, and
  •   Parameter

2. Solution Explorer

In DTS, related packages of the module cannot be stored in a single place. In SSIS, we can have multiple packages relation to one module in a single Solution.This is achieved using Solution Explorer


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